DAY 10

Bethany Williams

Hello BeautifulWelcome to Day 10 (September 14, 2016) of the Millionaire Mindset Series!!!

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Bethany Williams

Rock Star Growth Agent

Bethany Williams is a rock star growth agent & one of the highest paid women in her profession. She has authored several books: CEO of YOU, Brand YOU, Live Your Dreams, and Winning Strategies for Women. Brand YOU sells around the world with a reach into several countries.  She was widowed at a very young age with small children to raise. Broke and struggling without a college education, she put herself through college and discovered her niche, excelling into senior leadership in companies like IDX, GE, Perot Systems, PWC and ZirMed. She held a global position at GE in international strategy, working on the National Health Record rollout.

Now, with 30 years under her belt of experience, she is the go-to woman for companies looking to vastly expand market share and grow their operations. Known as a CEO ‘whisperer’, CEOs seek her out to listen to their ideas and advise on growth strategies. She has a long track record of doubling company revenues and finding weaknesses that prevent company growth.

Often called the ‘golden girl’, boards and CEOs alike say that what she touches turns to gold. IDX grew from 167M to 521M in 4 years, during which time they IPO’d and eventually sold to GE. For 3 ½ years, she worked as the right hand woman to the CEO at ZirMed, helping them to double the size of the company, starting with organic growth, she eventually moved into inorganic growth and ran M&A and integrations for 2 years. She is a rock star growth agent renowned nationally. With an exceptional work ethic, and powerhouse presence, she gets the job done like no other.


  • How to stop devaluing yourself
  • How to increase your self-worth
  • The 2 Steps to more money


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