DAY 12

Leslie Greenman

Hello BeautifulWelcome to Day 12 (September 16, 2016) of the Millionaire Mindset Series!!!

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Leslie Greenman

Financial Planner, Speaker & Author

Has life thrown you some unexpected curveballs? Leslie Greenman understands and wants to help. Leslie Greenman is a financial planner, speaker, and author of "Dating Our Money: A Women's Guide to Confidence with Money and Men." Leslie entered the financial industry after her husband passed on at 35. She suddenly became a single mother of two boys (ages 2 and 4) and learned how quickly life can unexpectedly change. Her goal is to help women plan for the unexpected curveballs life throws us-like death, divorce or disease. Leslie's mission is to empower women with the knowledge and confidence they need to make informed choices with money and men.

Leslie has been featured on Bloomberg's Money on your Mind, Fox and NBC. She has also shared advice from her book in Money magazine, AOL Finance, Yahoo Finance and many major newspapers and radio programs.

Leslie also speaks at many women's conferences and discusses practical steps each of us can take to move forward even in challenging times.


  • How writing your goals can make you 10 times more!
  • 3 Steps to more money
  • How to deal with men and money


About the Free Gift: "Let's Get Real...Now!" is the name of the first chapter of "Dating Our Money: A Women's Guide to Confidence with Money and Men." This chapter helps you walk through evaluating where you are personally with your finances, setting up to five specific financial goals, explains painful mistakes from the author's past that could have been avoided with proper planning and ends the chapter with "Ten Common Money Mistakes Women Make." Enjoy a Girl's Night In and read this fun and informative chapter. After reading this chapter, we hope you will tour Leslie's website at and purchase the whole book! (Get Free Gift).

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